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The Smartkat

The Smartkat is an absolutely amazing sailing catamaran fitted with inflatable hulls. Clever construction, the use of high quality, perfectly compatible materials and numerous simple but ingenious detail solutions provide your new fun sport device with fabulous performance.

Pleasure by the minute

The lightweight, highly stable structure can be assembled from just two bags single-handedly in approximately 20 minutes without the need for any tools.

The boat (performance version) comes complete with a three-part mast, fully battened mainsail, furler jib, centreboard and rudder. Even better, after you’ve had your sailing fun, your Smartkat is back in the bags in just 10 minutes.

No problems with storage

With each bag only 1.8m in length and only 30cm in diameter, the Smartkat will easily fit under the bed, in the garage or even stow it below deck on your yacht. It is perfect for that holiday home abroad or fancy a weekend away, then just pack the bags into your car, caravan or motorhome.

The 2 bags weigh a total of just 42kg (variations are possible depending on materials). This means that they can easily be loaded into a car, therefore, no need for trailers or even take on board an airplane without having to pay excess luggage fees.

Everybody is sailing mad

Up to four people can fit on board the Smartkat, however, sailing single handed is also just as much fun. It is a very stable and safe boat, so perfect for the beginner. However, for the more ambitious sailor who really wants to push the Smartkat there is a trapeze option available.

You can also have as much fun with this catamaran even when there is no wind. Simply attach a 3HP engine and speeds of 12knots will be reached in no time at all!

Savings Galore!

The Smartkat is reasonably priced and wind is free! And you can forget about boat trailers, mooring fees, winter berths and all the other expensive frills which just aren’t necessary for sailing pleasure.

See the gallery for more images of the Smartkat