3 Smartkats sailing

How fast does the smartkat sail?

Certified from 11-16 knots

How much wind do you need to sail?

Only a few knots as the kat is so light

Can I use a trapeze?

Yes, you can and we can supply them for you

Can I use a motor?

Yes, attach an optional support plate and a 3HP motor will generate speeds of up to 12 knots

Do you stock spare parts?

Yes, all parts are available

Can you provide sailing lessons?

Yes we can! Please contact Head office

Is the smartkat easily transportable?

Yes, it can be carried via roof racks or in the back of a car

Is it easy to sail?

Yes, it has been designed for all levels of sailors from beginners to experts

Smartkat Sailing at speed

Smartkat Sailing with the dolphins